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关于”在清明节“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:On Tomb Sweeping Day。以下是关于在清明节的四级英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:On Tomb Sweeping Day

Last year, I went home to worship my grandfather. Qingming Festival used to be a folk festival. In the past, it was called "tree planting day".

But today, when Chinese people go to their homes to sweep their graves, they often have to pull out any Bush full of s and sweep away the soil. The whole family will offer food and spiritual sacrifices. Money is different from the sacrifice on the family altar.

The sacrifice in the tomb is different from that on the family altar It's usually dry and boring food. One theory holds that because there are many ghosts around a tomb, the less attractive food will be eaten by the ancestors rather than plundered by strangers over time. This celebration of life has become a day for the ancestors.

The Chinese believe that the soul of the ancestors, taking care of the family's food and spiritual wealth sacrifice, can make them happy, and the family will have a good harvest And more children to thrive.




The custom of Qingming Festival is to enrich the interest. In addition to the prohibition of fire and tomb sweeping, there are also hiking, swing, Cuju, and polo. According to legend, Liu inserted a series of customary sports activities.

This is because the Qingming Festival forbids fire with cold food. In order to prevent cold food and observe the festival buffet and drink, we come to participate in some sports activities. In order to exercise, the festival should not only cultivate This is the custom of the ancient Qingming Festival swing, that is to say, it has a very old history.

The earliest people know that in order to avoid taboo, they use the swing instead of the old swing, which is glued to the shelf by the wood Dai, and then tied with the ribbon made later, and gradually developed into two The pedal swing used to lift the lock can not only play a better physical health, but also cultivate courage, so far it is deeply loved by the people, especially children.




Green sweet rice ball is a kind of food popular in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces during the Qingming Festival (Qingming Festival). It is also a necessary product for ancestor worship in the south of the Yangtze River. Like glutinous rice dumplings, green rice balls are made of glutinous rice and filled with red bean paste.

The difference is that when the packing materials of Qingming fruit, pressed wormwood or pineapple is used. The shape of Qingming fruit is like dumplings, but the taste is different from that of dumplings. The outer skin of Qingming fruit is made of wormwood, rice and glutinous rice.

Finally, in addition to sweet stuffing, they are steamed with bean paste stuffing. People also use diced bacon, dried bamboo shoots, diced mushrooms and dried tofu to replace the three pieces on Qingming Festival Eating Sanzi (or doughnut) is a custom all over China. Sanzi is a kind of fried food, formerly known as cold food.

Qingming Festival is a good time to eat snail shells. At this time, there are abundant shells of snails. Rice for five is a common rice of She people.

It mainly lives in East Fujian, including Fuzhou and Ningde. Every family will cook Wuren rice and exchange food with each other. Because the five people's rice is a special traditional Chinese food made of glutinous rice and Sapium sebiferum leaves or spring cakes and spring cakes of wurenshu, it is a special traditional Chinese food in northern China Cake is a custom to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Spring cake is a low-cost vegetarian version of Beijing roast duck. Pancakes are thinner than those used for roast duck. They are not only seasoned with delicious red sauce and scallion, but also filled with a variety of assorted and pickled dishes.

Before rolling up, you can eat mutton, mutton, wonton, shepherd's purse, tofu, bamboo shoot, spring bamboo shoot soup and jujube cake.