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关于”有关成长“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:About growth。以下是关于有关成长的托福英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:About growth

In the process of people's growth, I will experience many things: success, failure, I seem to grow up very ordinary experience, however, failure has benefited me all my life, I want to know why I still listen to it carefully today, the mathematics teacher with his consistent strong tone let us talk about yesterday's exam, I got the test , looked at the score, red, my tears almost came out "Score, my God, you know, I've never got such a low score. Besides, I'm still a math teacher on the stage. Under the rustling sound of error correction, my hands are moving, but my mind is so sad that it's like a bottle that knocks over my heart.

Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty, the dark clouds outside the window come to my mind, and my heart has already fallen Rain, God seems to sympathize with me, finally, the teacher announced the beginning of school, I still woodland sat there, gave me a chance, at the same table, "why don't you go first" I said bitterly, but his heart was hurt by the teachers' emptiness. I picked up my schoolbag and then slowly walked out of the classroom. The classroom is already a scene I slowly into the rain fog, rain suddenly surrounded me, he did not feel, until I stopped crying, found that he has become a "Rain Man" walking, walking, I suddenly feel a slip, and then fell to the ground is a mud pit, passers-by will react from time to time, "you say this young man" "Hey, can't help" this sentence I listen, my heart is not good.




Directions: if we want to be succesul in life, we must have some qualities. Study the illustrations carefully. Please include: detailed description of the illustrations, your understanding of the images, symbolic meanings, your views on the accuracy of the statement.

You should write the words in the above picture neatly. We see a young man with his head turned over and he is putting books in it. The man was carrying an oxygen tank with the word "courage" written on it.

He was also carrying a large adventure backpack. He was wearing a sportswear and climbing on a mysterious thing, sandy landscape. He had a V-shaped pattern on his shirt, symbolizing victory.

This illustration symbolizes the three key factors that a succesul person must have. Keeping books in your heart symbolizes knowledge acquisition. This is the first essential quality.

Backpacks and clothes suggest that one must be healthy if he wants to succeed. Of course, there is also a tank. It means courage to combine these three concepts.

We can get the image of a succesul person. One must have knowledge, strength and courage if one wants to To succeed in life, there must be three factors: accumulate wisdom to defeat the opponent; good health is the necessary condition to defeat the opponent; courage is necessary; if a person wants to venture into the field that his opponent does not dare to enter, then he can achieve all his goals.


方向:有如果我们要在生活中取得成功,我们必须具备的某些品质仔细研究所提供的插图请包括:对插图的详细描述你对图像的理解象征意义你对陈述的准确性的看法你应该把单词整齐地写在上图中,我们看到一个年轻人,他的头顶翻转着,他正在往里面放书。这个人带着一个氧气罐,上面写着“勇气”这个字。他还背着一个大的探险背包,他穿着运动服爬上一个神秘的东西,sandy landscape他衬衫上有一个V形图案,象征着胜利。



As the saying goes, only when you lose happiness can you know what happiness is, and when you are ill, you will know what health is. Health is very important to life. It's a cliche for everyone, but it's absolutely true.

We neglect the delicate balance between body and soul, develop harmful habits such as smoking. If we drink too much and stay up late, we will catch up with you one day. How many big plans are interrupted by bad health? Even if there is no health protection, it is hard to imagine a normal life.

How about it Keeping healthy is an eternal topic, full of diversity and controversy. No matter what kinds of suggestions are put forward, a person should at least do two things for himself: one is to have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life; the other is to keep mental health; the other is to live regularly and keep a balanced diet. When you start to adjust your body and mind, a healthy life is just around the corner.

Happiness can be said to be a positive emotion and a happy mental state. Good education and income are generally considered necessary for happiness, but the rich are not necessarily happier than middle-income or even low-income people. People with college education are happier than those without high school graduation.

People think it's mainly because they have more opportunities to control their lives. People with college education may be happier than those without. Health is very important for people because they can feel happy and have the energy to do what they want to do.

However, poor health does not exclude happiness, except for those dying or suffering. It should be noted that people quickly get used to what they have. When they feel that they are growing, they will be happier.

No matter how low their level is, the best formula for happiness is to cultivate their ability to endure setbacks, to have personal participation and responsibility, to cultivate self-confidence and self-esteem.