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关于”清明节的简单一点“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Qingming Festival's simplicity。以下是关于清明节的简单一点的初三英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Qingming Festival's simplicity

April 5 is Tomb Sweeping Day or Tomb Sweeping Day (a day of the lunar calendar. Traditionally, people go to ancestor worship, sweep tombs, , and offer sacrifices. This is not a festival or anything.

But some people in my office ask for leave to worship their ancestors. When others wait until the weekend to attend such important dates, I am always very interested, because it is very obvious to me and has a very big cultural focus In the family, it permeates many aspects of daily life (from movies to social norms to holidays. I know that I grew up to be a very independent person.

This is a value that is strongly emphasized in the United States, but I also like the concern about heritage and family here. It's not surprising that I think I value my relationship with my family more now because I come here In China, this is a good thing in my book. Don't totally deviate from the theme.

But traditionally, Qingming Festival (you should eat qingtuan, literally means green ball), but I think it is more appropriate to call it sweet green rice ball, because in almost all cultures, any meaning of date usually involves food. In this case, the first word you should eat qingtuan is Heqing The streets are as like as two peas in Ming Street. They sell everywhere, just like the advertisement in the convenience store, saying they have got the Youth League.

What kind of package is still in good condition, peel off the package layer, peel it off and bite it in, what exactly does it taste like? You might suspect that it's basically made of rice gluten (like Mochi, if you've eaten it, or rolled up pizza dough), with a sweet red bean sauce on the inside. I don't really like the outside (since I was a kid) I like it), so I ate it.




According to the ancients, there are different opinions on the origin of Qingming Festival, but for the deceased relatives, this day is also a day for family reunion. Cherish the memory of the past, especially for some young friends, because they don't understand the rules and taboos, they do it according to the requirements of the nursing home. Of course, some young people go to see it purely with curiosity No matter what the idea is, we should respect the deceased during the festival.

This is the most important point. We know that there is rain every year on Tomb Sweeping Day, which has become a tradition. However, sacrifice is a very sad thing.

Of course, we have to face all this with a heavy heart. However, the deceased must, in the future, in order to have a better life, especially some families, have old people Do you want to be happy? As a family, Ding Liangzhu must consider many problems, such as filial piety of the elderly, education of children and so on. All these needs are the most basic moral principles.

For everyone, health is very important to ensure their own health.




The custom of Qingming Festival is to enrich the interest. In addition to the prohibition of fire and tomb sweeping, there are also hiking, swing, Cuju, and polo. According to legend, Liu inserted a series of customary sports activities.

This is because the Qingming Festival forbids fire with cold food. In order to prevent cold food and observe the festival buffet and drink, we come to participate in some sports activities. In order to exercise, the festival should not only cultivate This is the custom of the ancient Qingming Festival swing, that is to say, it has a very old history.

The earliest people know that in order to avoid taboo, they use the swing instead of the old swing, which is glued to the shelf by the wood Dai, and then tied with the ribbon made later, and gradually developed into two The pedal swing used to lift the lock can not only play a better physical health, but also cultivate courage, so far it is deeply loved by the people, especially children.